Course on Vedic Astronomy

Vedic Astronomy, also called Pre-siddhāntic Astronomy by historians, refers
to observations and theories about the visible sky (Sun, Moon, Stars, Comets,
Eclipses, Ayana, Rtu, Paksha, Tithi, etc.) as depicted in the Vedas, Purāṇas and
other texts dateable to BCE. Indian culture and its practices are known to be
deeply rooted in such observations, esoteric interpretations, celestial pictures
and omens as described in the ancient texts. Notwithstanding the geocentric
world view of our ancients, precession of Earth’s rotational axis happening
slowly over millenia has left its foot prints that can be deciphered by modern
methods. Study of BCE texts from such a view point can be an alternative
method, not dependent on comparative linguistics, for chronological
organization of our ancient oral tradition.
This course is aimed at providing an introduction to the astronomical premise in
select portions of the Vedic (Samhitā, Brāhmaṇa, Āraṇyaka, Pariśiṣṭa); ancillary
(Śulba, Jyotiṣa) texts of Lagadha, Parāśara, Vṛddhagarga and some Purāṇas.
The course will be conducted by Prof. RN Iyengar, Distinguished Professor &
the Director of the Center. The lectures and interactive sessions totalling 25
hours will be held on Saturdays (Tentatively: F.N. 10.30–12.00 & A.N. 1.30–
3.00) starting on 22nd September, 2018 at the CMS Business School premises.
The exact schedule will be worked out on the first day to suit the convenience
of the participants.
Research workers, doctoral students, enthusiasts of Sanskrit, history, science-in Vedas, chronology and culture will benefit by the course. No special knowledge
of astronomy or mathematics is needed to follow the course. Ability to read
Sanskrit texts and commentaries in the original will be advantageous.
The course fees will be Rs. 5,000/- to be paid in full on or before 17th
September, 2018. Once registered, the link for online payment will be sent.
Register online using this form. The last day for registration for the course is
14th September, 2018. Seats are limited and admissions will be on first-come
first-served basis.
All questions may be directed to

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