“गौरवार्हं खलु भारतीयम्”

ज्ञायते अस्ति एका संगोष्ठिः आयोजिता “A dispassionate Churning of Indology” “गौरवार्हं खलु भारतीयम् “-इत्यस्मिन् विषये|प्राप्तोऽस्ति संदेशः निम्नमिव (अत्र यत्किमपि देवनागर्यां तत्तु ममैव) =>

First Announcement प्रथमं विज्ञापनम् of International conference On

“A dispassionate Churning of Indology”

Jointly organised by

Bharatiya Vidvat Parishat भारतीयविद्वत्परिषत् and Tattvasamshodhana Samsat तत्त्वसंशोधनसंसत् 

On the occasion of X th year celebration of BVP 

In Udupi, Karnataka कर्णाटकराज्ये उडुपी-नगरे 

From 4th to 6th Jan 2019.

 Scholars, Students  And Enthusiasts Of Sanskrit & Indic Knowledge Studies,

Bharatiya Vidvat Parishad  (BVP) was established on 1.1.2009. Now it has got a strength of around 2000 members. Its objective has been to understand, preserve and enrich the Indian intellectual heritage. As a platform to share ideas and research papers in the areas of Sanskrit Research and Indic Knowledge Studies i.e.,  researches related to India, Indian Philosophy, Sanskrit Literature, Sanskrit Grammar, Indic Sciences etc., BVP succeeded in achieving its goals during the past ten years of its existence.

Now, the forum is celebrating the milestone of this 10 successful years of its life.

How do scholars and jijnasus जिज्ञासु-s celebrate, if not through something like a conference?

Yes, BVP is celebrating its 10th birth anniversary in the form of a conference during 4th, 5th& 6th January, 2019.

BVP management requested HH Vidyadheeshatirtha Svamiji विद्याधीशतीर्थस्वामी of Palimaru Matha Udupi, who is performing his paryaya of Udupi Krishna Matha now, for support in organizing a conference of around 400-500 people, with all the arrangements of lodging boarding  in the Udupi Krishna Matha premises through the Tattvasamshodhana Samast a research Institute patronised by Sri Swamiji, which has brought out many excellent publication by conducting in depth research work.He was so kind to accept our request.

Udupi which is a famous pilgrimage center on the eastern sea shore, and the Krishna Temple established by Sri Madhvacharya, श्रीमध्वाचार्य propounder of Dvaita Siddhanta ‘tatvavada school’ in that place, would be an ideal location for this conference.

We have solicited the august presence of HH Sri Pejawar Swamiji in the inauguration.  We have also requested Prof. Ashok Aklujkar, a senior member and advisor of BVP to deliver Key note adresss. He has kindly consented. A galaxy of scholars will attend the conference. Young research scholars will be encouraged to present their research papers.

We cordially invite the members of BVP and other scholars and jijnasus subscribing to the ideas of BVP to participate in the conference.

The detailed brochure of the conference with details such as the main theme of the conference, sub-themes of sessions, cultural activities etc. shall soon be circulated.

विज्ञापनमिदं  वीरनारायण-पाण्डुरंगी-वर्य-नागराज-पातुरि-वर्ययोः 

Prof. Veeranarayana Pandurangi   वीरनारायण-पाण्डुरंगी-वर्यः  Chairman of the conference, Owner, BVP

Prof. Nagaraj Paturi, नागराज-पातुरि-वर्यः General Secretary of the conference

Oraganising Committee कार्यकारिणी-सदस्याः 

Sri H H Swamiji – Chief Patron

Prof. VNKP – Chairman of the conference committee

Prof. Nagaraj Paturi – General Secretary

Dr. Vamshi Krishna, Director TSS, Local secretary


Prof. Shrinivasa Varakhedi, Nagpur नागपूरस्थः श्रीनिवास-वरखेडी-वर्यः

Prof. JSRA Prasad, Hyderabad – हैदराबादस्थः JSRA-प्रसाद-वर्यः

Sri Ajith Gargeshvari, Bengaluru – बेंगळूरु-स्थः अजित-गार्गेश्वरी-वर्यः

Dr. Shrinivasan Acharya, Manipal मणिपालस्थः श्रीनिवासन्-आचार्य-वर्यः

Dr. Nityananda Mishra, Mumbai मुम्बै-स्थः नित्यानन्द-मिश्र-वर्यः

Prof. Girishnath Jha, Delhi देहलीस्थः गिरीशनाथ-झा-वर्यः

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