4-Level Correspondence Course from Dubai

Welcome to the beautiful and enriching world of Samskritam, through correspondence


Samskritam is one of the world’s ancient languages. Most of the eastern world’s ancient literatures on Philosophy, Social structure, Civilizations, History, Science etc. are available only in Samskritam. Learning Samskritam is the only way to open the doors to the ancient treasure of knowledge and is the gateway to the rich scientific heritage.


The Movement called ‘Speak Samskrit Movement’ was started during 1981 in Bangalore and it was later named and registered as Samskrita Bharati in 1995 in Delhi. Samskrita Bharati is an organization of dedicated volunteers, who strive for the popularization of Samskritam, Samskriti and the Knowledge Tradition of Bharat.


Here is an opportunity to learn this great language. Patralayadwaara Samskrita Padanam (Learning Samskritam through correspondence) is a structured educational programme developed by Samskrita Bharati, to spread the essence of Samskritam across the globe. This course is developed in a way that it is easy for any student to understand the language and to use the language fluently. Study materials for this unique correspondence programme are available in English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi and Gujarati languages.

The programme constitutes of 4 levels (Pravesha, Parichaya, Shikshaa and Kovidaa).  Each level can be completed in a period of 6 months.  Course fee (Inclusive of study materials and exam fee) for each level is AED 30/-. Exams will be conducted twice a year (November and May in UAE). Certificate of completion will be awarded to the students on successful completion of each level.



Registration for level 1 – Pravesha has just started.

Highlights of Level 1 – Pravesha course:

§    Understand Samskritam/Devanagri lipi

§    Enrich vocabulary significantly

§    Express freely in Samskritam for normal day-to-day conversation

§    Knowledge on basics of Samskritam grammar to converse in simple Samskritam

§    Understand many words and meanings of Samskritam sloka


Individuals who are interested in this course may contact us for registration with the following details:


Name :

Age :

Postal Address in UAE  :

Contact Number (UAE) :

Email ID :

Education / Occupation :

Postal address in Bharat :

Study materials to be delivered at :

Preferred Language :

Course  :  Pravesha / Parichaya / Shikshaa / Kovidaa


We prefer to deliver the study materials at your postal address in Bharat.  Alternatively, study materials can be made available here in UAE for those who opt for the same. For further details please contact 055 1074749 / 050 7446370 or write to samskritabharati.dubai@gmail.com


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