Geeta Sopanam – A Sanskrit language course to also learn Geetaa

Subject: Sanskrit class on Sunday mornings – 07h00 -10h00

Start date: 30 September 2012


Namo namah


The above class is being launched for interested and committed participants who are unable to attend on weekdays.   


This Sanskrit language course is called Geeta Sopanam and is being launched in Bandra (W), Bombay under the auspices of Samskrita Bharati.


It is aimed at making you proficient in Sanskrit such that, by the end of the course, you can read and understand the Bhagawad Geeta for yourself without external help.


It has 4 levels with written and oral exam + project work at the end of each level.

Levels 1 – 3 build up grammar and other skills so to be able to, at last, handle level 4 matter, which is complete analysis of Bhagwad Geeta.


Normally each level takes about 4-5 months and the whole course is expected to finish in about 18 months.


Who can join?

Anyone who aims / wants to be able to read the Bhagwad Geeta and other Sanskrit slokas on their own.   No prior knowledge of Sanskrit required or expected.  

Firm commitment to attend class and learn the language is desired.




Bombay, Bandra (W), opp talao, SV road, Dr Raghunath Marg, Anand Court (further help on how to come, can be given when registering).


Contact UMA MEENAXI – tel : 91-22-26403278 or mob:+91-996 994 5242 to register.

Please pass on this message to like-minded friends and relatives.

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