Magazines & Periodicals in Sanskrit

Very kindly provided by Ms. Venetia Ansell

I have made a list of all known Sanskrit newspapers and magazines here

More information received from Mr. Kalivaradhan Krishnamurthy –

though not a newspaper, 10 editions of our own e-magazine vishvavANI is also online at .. to be revived soon 🙂

There is a query from one of our esteemed members as to whether the Sanskritvartmanpatram published from Gujarat is online.

Yes, it is available and can be accessed with the following URL :
However, it is noticed that it is not updated currently.
You may be already aware of the fact that the first Sanskrit Daily Newspaper ‘Sudharma’ is also available online at :
Our members are requested to subscribe to the respective newspapers directly and support their efforts in the cause of Samskritam. The web archives could be used for reading earlier editions. Direct subscriptions or donations are the only way to keep these efforts going.  We know already how it is so difficult for Shri Sampat Kumar, Editor, Sudharma, in keeping the magazine going in spite of hurdles.  He is trying his level best to keep the spirit of his father Shri Varadaraja Iyengar, Mysore, who started the India’s First Sanskrit Daily Newspaper about 42 years ago.
1.  Sudharma

Address:- Sudharma Sanskrit Daily Editor: Sri KV Sampath Kumar No. 561, 2nd cross, Ramachandra Agrahara, Mysore – 570 004 Karnataka INDIA 0821-244-2835 / 0821-4287835

2.  Sanskritvartmanpatram
ciraga hospital, 2nd floor, mahajana gali, ravapura, vadodara-390001
Editor:prafulla purohitaH
contact: 9376217477, 9998571963


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2 Responses to Magazines & Periodicals in Sanskrit

  1. I am pleased with your effort. It will be helpful in my dream project of making machine language, operating system and then softwares solely based on sanskrit. I have prepared sme terminology for this in sanskrit. Whosoever is interested to join with me as a volunteer is welcome.
    Ghanshyam Dave, E-mail:

    • नमस्ते श्रीमन् “घनश्याम दवे”-महोदय !
      संगणकस्य यन्त्र-भाषा एव संस्कृतम् भवेदिति भवतः विचारः क्रान्तिकारकः खलु ! तेन यदि संगणकस्य संचालनपद्धतिरपि संस्कृताधारिता भवति कार्यक्रमाः अपि संस्कृते संभवन्ति, तर्हि सर्वम् जगत् संस्कृतमयं भवति खलु !!
      मम शुभाशयाः !!!
      सस्नेहम्, अभ्यंकरकुलोत्पन्नः श्रीपादः | “श्रीपतेः पदयुगं स्मरणीयम् ।”

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