Kolkata-Workshop on Understanding and Editing the Texts of the Upavedas

soma basu <somabasu01@gmail.com> Dec 01 04:30PM +0530

Dear All,

This is to inform that the School of Vedic Studies of Rabindra Bharati
University, Kolkata, is going to organize a *workshop on** Understanding
and Editing of the Texts of the Upavedas *from* * 27 th December 2011 to 2
nd January 2012 in the Emerald Bower Campus (56 A, B. T. Road, Kolkata
-700050) with the object of bringing to light hitherto undiscovered facts
and findings that remained lost in oblivion in the texts coming under
different Upavedas namely, Ayurveda, Gandharvaveda, Dhanurveda, Arthasastra
and others pertaining to medical science, fine arts, military science,
science of polity etc. but must have been in vogue from very early times
and therefore, considered as of immense value.

The purpose* *is to broaden the interest of young scholars for Indian
culture and heritage from close quarters by a proper study and
understanding of the particular texts from interdisciplinary point of
view, without
which generation of knowledge is impossible.

Last date of filling in the application is 15th December 2011.Contact :
Nabanarayan Bandyopadhyay, Professor and Director.

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