Free Samskrita Classes – All over Bangalore

Free Samskrita Classes – All over Bangalore
Dear Friends,

Samskrita Bharati is a non-profit organisation, for past 3 decades engaged in
promoting Samskritam as a spoken lanuguage, with which people can carry out
their day to day activities.

Samskrita Bharati is conducting Free 10 days Spoken Samskritam evening Classes
from 10 July, 2011 all over Bangalore.

Highlights of the Course:

– Course Structure perfected over many decades
– Dispels initial apprehension as a difficult language
– Right opportunity for beginners
– Get into speaking an intersting language even if you know a bit.
– Anybody who is above 10 years of age irrespective of Caste, Creed and Religion can attend.
– Unique Interactive approach for teaching conversational Samskrit
– In just 10 days you will be able to speak in Samskrit
– Prior knowledge of spoken or written skills not necessary
– The course is free of any fees

This short course can also be used as a stepping stone for further explorations
into the vast world of Samskrit. At the end of the course you will also learn
about other courses that you could take, at a place closer to your home, to
continue to dwell deep into this wonderful language.

Inteerested, to know the centre near your place and the contact details, please
send an SMS –

VIDYA <your pincode>  to 542423 

Please make use of this golden opportunity to learn the divine language.

With Warm Regards
Samskrita Bharati


Message Courtesy :  “Jyothi R” 

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1 Response to Free Samskrita Classes – All over Bangalore

  1. Sambasiva rao says:

    Samskrit if becomes people’s day to day verbal language (jalpanty) SAMSKRA/SAMSCRUTI will make bonded unity of the nation in all respects

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